The Holy Diocese of Chalkis is pleased to announce that the Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece has published an English book devoted to the revered Saint John the Russian. The book emphasizes the profound importance of his holy Relic, which has been protected by the Holy Metropolis of Chalkis as a precious artifact. This year marks the 100th anniversary of its relocation and presence in Evia.


This book is the master's thesis authored by Mr. Chrysostomos, who holds the position of Metropolitan of Chalkis. The book was first published in 2000 by the Holy Pilgrimage of Saint John, based on the recommendation of the late Metropolitan Chrysostomos I of Chalkis. Starting in 2014, the Apostoliki Diakonia has assumed responsibility for publishing it and continues to do so on a regular basis.


The English language edition undergoes extensive editing. It contains significant details on the Saint's life and his holy artifact. Additionally, it chronicles the journey of conveying the sacred Relic from Asia Minor to Evia, with several accounts from individuals who accompanied the Saint. The text documents the history of the holy churches of Saint John in Asia Minor and Evia, as well as the history of the holy icons, relics, and new works of ecclesiastical art found in the Pilgrimage Church. It also records the old and new chanting services of the Saint, along with those of the Holy Pilgrimage.


There is a wealth of photographic material available from Asia Minor and Neo Prokopio.


To purchase the book, individuals can find it at the Bookstore of the Holy Metropolis of Chalkis located at Avanton 32 – 341 32 Chalkis, with the contact number +302221079217. Alternatively, it is also available at the Holy Pilgrimage of Saint John the Russian in Neo Prokopio Evia, with the contact numbers +302227041209 and +302227041462. Additionally, the book can be found at the Apostoliki Diakonia Bookstore in Athens, situated at Dragatsaniou 2, 105 59 Athens, with the contact numbers +302103310977 and +302103228637.